23 August 2012

Space Cadet

(Wearing: Oak torque, Zara shorts and fur, OC x Dr Marten Daria boots, Louis Vuitton sunglasses, and vintage Gee Whiz lunch box)

I've been in such a uniform of all black this summer for some odd reason. How a colorful person like myself could adopt such a drab wardrobe so quickly is a little strange. Not that I don't appreciate the whole "minimalist" idea, and it's worked great for me...but I kind of missed looking like a casual acid trip. So for the first time in a few weeks, my loud personality was in full force the other day on a quiet night in Gramercy. Who needs a handbag when you have a sweet lunch box? Great score for under $10 at a resale shop. Feelin' thrifty.


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