25 August 2010



She was the former wife of Mick Jagger, and in recent years a social and human rights activist. She gained coverage in the 70's during the days of studio 54 for her fabulous style and courageous efforts as a well manicured socialite.

pictured in a Bill Gibb kaftan

well known for her hats and exotic neck pieces

Halston hooded dress at Studio 54

YSL white tuxedo, she turned a masculine men's tux into a feminine women's staple item

portrait of BJ in late 70's


One of the most well known and respected fashion contributors to walk the planet. Anna Dello Russo is the creative director of Vogue Nippon and an haute couture extraordinaire. She owns some of the priciest and most hard to find pieces from designers worldwide. She's been a collector of designer wear since age 14 and isn't stopping now. Designers look to her to provide direction and help sustain balance in their collections. I love her wild mouthed eye for style. 

pictured in Dolce & Gabbana dress

at Paris Fashion Week

pictured in D&G gorilla fur jacket

on the streets of Milan

in Louis Vuitton @ LV Show; Paris Fashion Week


A muse to many and a huge arts patron, Marchesa Casati was known for her eccentric and peculiar taste in fashion. A riches to rags story, she was a fashion icon and and is greatly remembered by many creative types.


Iris Apfel and her husband started their company "Old World Weavers" in the late 1950's. Over the years, she took place in various design restrorations. Her most notable being the White House restorations that occurred during 8 presidential sittings from Truman to Clinton. She lectures about a variety of fashion topics including her personal style. In her later years, she's became a muse to many designers who look to her quirky old lady charm to bring inspirations for collections to come.

in NYC

at a fashion event in Balenciaga

known for her colorful taste and overly sized jewelry

self portrait

pictured at home in Miu Miu


Baker was an African American born, French singer, dancer, and actress. She defied cultural beliefs by becoming the first African American to star in a major motion picture. She was nicknamed "Bronze Venus" and "The Black Pearl" during her years of work. In her later years, she spent much time promoting and leading civil rights movements under the right arm of Coretta Scott King. She was statuesque and completely timeless. There will never be another Josephine Baker. A woman of class, fashion, and freedom! LOVE HER!


When thinking of Isabella Blow, all that comes to mind are the words "timeless" and "iconic". She was definitely both. Known for her eerie style and outrageous hats, she's been stalking through the fashion industry since the late 80's. Working as an assistant at Vogue in the late 80's while later becoming the creative fashion editor at large for Tatler magazine in London. The late Isabella Blow was a muse to famed hat designer Phillip Treacy and a inspiration to many colleagues in the fashion world. She will always be remembered, and never forgotten in the world of avant garde.

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