09 September 2010



      Ain't no sunshine when I'm gone...

           It's been 6 weeks and my Texas summer adventures have finally came to an end. I'm back in Los Angeles, and up at 2:52am on the night before I leave for NYC for all the fashion week festivities. I'm in the middle of a crisis trying to find wardrobe and I'm the type who plans around my outfits for all the different events. Things are finally coming together though! And I probably wont get any sleep, but some jasmine green tea and a granola bar will get me through that horrendous flight back east. I've never been a fan of flying, even though it's the most practical way to travel in this day and age. You can call me old fashioned, but I prefer to be fashionable while on the ground, or at most in a car! hehe!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010- Daylook
*horrible Iphone photo

(Silence + Noise faux leather vest, Josephine Chai printed summer turtleneck, Banana Republic newsboy pleated shorts, vintage Beatle boots, Posso the Spat turquoise ankle spats, black turban, vintage jewelry, and Neiman Marcus black cuff)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010- Nightlook

(Silence + Noise faux leather vest, Isaac Mizrahi for Target dark purple extra long tank, Howl silk printed harem pants, We Who See black suede wedges, vintage jewelry, and Posso the Spat leather skin cuff.)

My amazing friend Jocelyn giving sass. I was so glad she helped me pack. I always appreciate a second opinion!

       So I decided to share a few photos of the mess I created, and what came out of it! After 5 hours, I was completely ready to start my fashion week journey filled with millions of things happening! I packed WAY too much, but I wanted plenty of options and no room for regret. My overall desired/sought after look is a mix of color, with a dash of oversized pieces for that chic draping look, and plenty of great prints that are either vibrant hues or monochromatic shades. Alot of the outfits I put together seem to resemble a futuristic space suit or galaxy inspired ready to wear from 3020, but i've taken my inspiration from Basso & Brooke Fall 2010, which is a great reference and not to mention to die for! I love the silhouettes they design. They are each unique in their own way. And it's all so workable in my closet! 

++ It's a major look i'm feeling going into the upcoming months for fall/winter!

B&B A/W 2010

In other news..

I also got back the final lookbook from a shoot I did with a German vintage label based in LA called Weltenbeurger, meaning ("World Citizen" in Deutsche) back in July. I was so happy to be a part of this shoot. It was so fun and I can't wait for future endeavors to come with this new pop up store! We're already in the works of planning to shoot me for the online web shop sometime soon when I return! He rushed it to me right when it was finally completed for viewing, because we have been anticipating the finished product ever since the shoot was over! To be honest, it came out better then I'd expected! Caught me off guard! But I love Christina Von Messling's work. She has a keen eye when it comes to editorial! She is such an inspirational fashion print photographer! Check out her site when you have a chance:

and take a peek inside the online webshop for the store at:

He mainly carries hand picked one of a kind pieces from various era's and a wide selection of accessories, shoes, and clothing. It's very well priced and definitely worth it for your wardrobe! You don't find one of a kind pieces just ANYWHERE...

 Thanks again Bryan. I love your sense of styling! xo

It comes out next week! So i'll be sure to post the final looks when I finally can! :) Got to get going, the whole fashion world is waiting!

Ciao xx


I'm currently on the plane en route to NY and I've decided that I love where technology is going. It's my first time using the Gogo wifi internet traveling at 30,000 feet. I'm online shopping, blog loving, and going over things in my head all while i'm flying. Who settles on sleeping and books for entertainment anymore?

I had one of those crazy airport mornings. I hate those and i'm still recovering jet lag from flying in from Dallas about 36 hours ago! Major rainstorms made my flight unbearable and spooky. Since I brought more then I know what to do with, I look like some random bag lady on that show Hoarders. This is basically the look that i'm wearing for my flight today. It's super minimal. I have this weird obsession with looking my best at the airport. Thats where everyone seems haggered and out of energy all the time... Now i'm ready for my arrival.

Still have 2 and 1/2 hours of flying left! :'(

Oh well, heres a style look alike of me today!

Details: Zara lace up black leather boots, Zara black equestrian pants with suede panels and zipper detail, OAK basic black long tshirt, random vintage jewelry and rings from grandma, circa 1970's Givenchy Monte Carlo sunglasses, UO Rat Pack fedora, Marc Jacobs black leather hobo bag with fox tail, and making it completely over the top with my Members Only purple/black dip dyed faux fur vest. This hautefit was made for jetsetting!


(Here is my Members Only fur vest I'm sporting and secretly melting in today! Circa May 2010)

Enjoy your fashion weekend where ever you are..


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