17 September 2010


So fashion week is finally coming to a close in the big apple, and all the editors are now flocking away to the UK for the start of London fashion week, followed by Milan & Paris. I cant wait to see the photos from those shows, since I wont be in attendance. I'll be glued to Style.com for runway reports. I've got a lot of photos to edit from the past week. So it may be an overkill of shows, street style, and final walk through videos! But hey what can I say! Its all in the sake of..


First things first..At the beginning of the week I went to the Staerk presentation held at Milk Studios. It was a good start of the week for me. It was a very chic and classy collections! Lots of beautiful silhouettes and the hair and makeup were done to a tee. Here are some photos from the show.

S T A E R K:

Overview of the models standing

This middle look reminds me of a party dress from the late 20's and really comes to life with the hair and makeup. The draping is incredible and that neckline would drive any fashion freak wild.

Everyone of these looks are wearable. Its nice when designers put more emphasis and thought into their collections and make it simple and chic. I'm tired of 75 look collections with the same idea pushed down the runway 3 times.

Favorite look: far left, that dress is amazing! It fits together like a puzzle piece!

Favorite look: to the right, back of dress.

It was such a beautiful collection. My favorite look was the 1st one. It was the asymmetrical dress cut right down the middle, half black and half white. It reminded me of a ying/yang symbol. I loved it so much. I need something like that for this season. I want to create a whole look like this. The use of textures were amazing. I loved the crocodile embossed oversized leather tote. OFFICIALLY DYING.


These were some of my favorite looks I photographed from the show. Thanks to my dear friend Susie G, I got to sit front row. It was a lovely collection and the color palette attracted my eyes immediately.

This maxi dress is uber chic. I think what did it for me was the waist detail. It's a little cinched so you can have a better idea of the model's figure! 

These colors all go to well so perfectly. I'm gonna turn my wardrobe in to a rainbow. I forgot how much I loved color, and was reminded very quickly after seeing this!

I loved this kelly green hoop skirt. It was so pretty and delicate in person!

This was one of my definite favorites from all the looks! I love the black sheer caftan with the bright wedges. The contrast goes together so well.

A detail shot of the wedges! These shoes were made for walkin'!


I was so happy to be able to attend the Pamela Love presentation. She has always been one of my favorite and most respected jewelry designers. She has a certain eye for beautiful pieces and her aesthetic really carries through out her entire show. The models were all waifs but so pretty! There was an underlining tribal feel when you entered the gallery! These are the photos I took there:

These rings are seriously amazing. I want them NOW.

She has such a peculiar eye for detail! I love those cuffs and the mix of textures!

I had the courtesy of meeting Pamela Love at the end of the presentation. She is such a sweetheart and really passionate about her role in the jewelry industry and the products she creates. It was so refreshing to meet her! Plus the fact that she's gorgeous! And I loved her style! :)

I'll be posting more photos as I edit them! I've gotta take a quick breather and get ready for my interview with StyleLikeU. They're coming to where i'm staying in the city to take photos of whats in my suitcase and some of the pieces I brought to NYC. I'll be talking about my personal style, and they'll be shooting me in several outfits! I'm super excited for the opportunity and can't wait for the final result! I'll post it once I receive the finished product!

Ciao xx

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