20 September 2010


So anyways, as I keep editing. I'm posting the photos from the previous amazing week of debauchery that is fashion week in the big apple! 


With all of the high end ready to wear fashion shows going on at Lincoln Center and elsewhere, I enjoy attending an urban brand show with a little more funk and not so stuffy. I will admit it was a last minute invite, and I RSVP'd at the last minute so I didn't get that great of a seat. But it was still an awesome show! I loved the energy! And the pieces were so fun! Here are some of the looks I liked!

This was the finale look!

And the back of it! It was a little outrageous and bulky, but I was totally loving it!

This is the finale video, but bare with me. I was stuck with my dinky little digital camera and was trying to shoot longways to get a better look and then realized when editing, that I don't have the option to make the video stream the right way. So it's to the side! But give it a look! It's still fabulous! and that music is bumpin'! I spy AJ Mukumal from Kell on Earth sitting front row! He was too fabulous with his Alexander McQueen tights and new Celine tote!

I had to take a photo of this girl at the show! I loved her outfit! I wish I would have caught her name! Because I seriously saw her at so many shows and she was looking chic at every single one! I'm loving the texture of that coat! And those new Alexander Wang faded 7inch boots are to die for!

Pictured here is the designer of Gerlan to the left, and one of the crazy show goers to the right! I kind of love the wildness of some people's appeal during fashion week! Loving the cow moomoo. (hehehehehe)

Pictured here is the designer of Gerlan, and the underground hip hop artist Rye Rye, who also sat front row! I had to get a photo of her! I love her quirky style and of course her music! I actually had the pleasure of interviewing her at a later show! So check it out down below!

Here is a photo of them from the back! I'm loving those floral printed Dr. Martens! Bring it backkkk!!!


I didn't plan on actually attending this show, but it was a last minute addition. Its was a very highly celebritized event. It has a lot of Asian influence and background, also being that the designers descended from there. In the very beginning, it started with a sacred dance with these Vietnamese performers. I must say i'd never seen a show start quite like that and it was very calming and beautiful.

One of my favorite looks

These are the designers of Sachika, they came down together at the very end. They're identical twins and such sweet girls!



I was highly anticipating this show from the very beginning of fashion week. My good friend Lazia Casil was actually producing the entire show and I had the pleasure of coming to the studio a few days before the collection was held and meet the designer and preview the pieces. I must say, alot of work went into these outfits. And I loved every single one of them. They flowed so perfectly! And the materials were just to die for. Hand dyed silks, braided leathers, coral. What more could you ask for!? I want every single piece for my spring wear! And the Sartorialist, one of my favorite blogs ever was there covering the show and he took a style photo of me! I was so happy, and he was so smooth..I had no idea it was him till he gave me his card! AMAZING.

Favorite Look #1

This dress is so amazing. Look how it drapes and the way it flutters when the model walks.

I left the photos pretty raw because I loved the way they turned out. The models look like dreamscapes. And I was pretty happy with how it turned out. 



What can I say about the Jeremy Scott show? It was great. He always has been know for his pop art-ish and quirky collection surrounding around simple things and taken to the next level! I loved it! The music was pumping something right out of Rock N Roll high school. And the looks really gave me a punk rock prom queen meets leather dominatrix with a little bit of uber chicness...I can't believe I just explained it that way. hahaha. None the less it was great! And I was happy to be able to witness another collection in the making!

I need this raincoat! It was pretty amazing!

I was wondering what look was on everyone's faces when the guys came out in bondage wear!? I myself love a little edgier and darker fashion, so I was all for it!


Me and my good friend Niko outside after the Jeremy Scott show! The photographer from Elle.com photographed me in this for the street chic style and gave me his card, but I still haven't seen it up on the website, hopefully it will pop up soon! 

Thats all for now. A little bit more editing and i'm done. I think my eyes are gonna pop out and my fingers are gonna fall off. Doesn't that sound FABULOUS!?

Ciao xx

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