14 September 2010


So I've been in NYC for 5 days, and i've done more running around then I think I'd do in 50 days! It's been such an amazing experience coming to New York for fashion week. Like I previously said, this is the first time i've had the chance to visit for the fashion week here. Usually i'm stuck just trying to make do with what is left of LA fashion week. There is plenty of talent there, but it's nothing like NEW YAAAAWK.

Here are some highlights of the shows i've loved so far at Lincoln Center:

Alexander Wang

A. Wang has always been one of my favorite designers. He has a magical way of always making women seem strong and statuesque, but in a beautiful kind of way.  I wish I had a detail shot of the shoes! They're Timbaland-esque heeled boots. Kind of reminds me of the days of Beyonce circa 2003. I love the ending photo where all of the models walk out together. They look like a fashion mob. I wouldn't screw with a bitchin' crowd like that walking down an alley.


The masculinity of the tailored suit on a woman is incredible. It all started with my icon Bianca Jagger way back in the day, and it's not stopping now.

Who doesn't love a dark line for S/S 2011? I'm loving the fact of using black in the spring collections. I've always been a fan of the color black, and it takes over half of my closet. So I was expecting it to be chic in the summer one of these days! 



I was actually supposed to attend the Preen show but ended up sleeping in, due to a long day the evening before between events, shows, and parties. I was trying to do as much as possible while I was here and take as many photos as possible for my blog. I've been trying to cover many of the shows while i've been here. There is so much going on, and i'm so happy to be a part of it. 


The hair and makeup kind of remind me of a French porcelain prostitute in haute couture, but hey..who's judging? None the less, the collection was more then amazing. So beautiful. From the dresses, to the hats, to the accessories, to the pants. He really out did himself this year. I was a little weary of where his collections were going after that crazy Mary Poppins-esque season. But he's back in full throttle and i'm such a fan.

I'll add more to this later, i'm off to cover a few more shows at Milk Studios and do the closing event of the eco friendly fashion week at Metropolitan Pavillion. 

Ciao xx

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