16 September 2013

Southern Hospitality

(Wearing: All Saints top, AA skirt, Zara flatform, Ray Ban sunglasses, Beirn clutch, vintage jewelry)

 Spent my final weekend in Texas in the hustle and bustle of downtown Dallas. It was incredibly hot, so I couldn't wear much without melting in 2 seconds. But I still managed to look put together regardless of the weather. I love this pleated skirt - makes any outfit super feminine and brings out my flirty side for sure! You'd think being from here, I would have schlepped down every street here..WRONG. So I was pleasantly surprised to get reacquainted with my hometown and explore so many great eateries, bars, and amazing shopping. I was kind of caught off guard- definitely wasn't expecting such a rapid cultural movement since I left here 6 years ago!  

Thanks so much for the amazing hospitality and stay, Hyatt Hotels!

**Finally settling back in NYC, and the madness of NYFW is over - so i'm getting back to my normal weekly routine and couldn't be happier!


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