24 June 2015

Slides by the Sea

(Zara slides, Topshop tank + choker)

Spent the most amazing day with a close friend in the Muir Woods before I left SF to go back to NYC last week. As much as I love globetrotting constantly from city to city as often as possible, it is SO important for me to stay grounded spiritually, physically, and emotionally. So by taking time to self reflect immersed in nature, I'm able to cleanse my aura of the past, and bring positive energy and vibes into the future. Life is a beautiful concept with daily experiences to expand the mind & body infinitely. This is THAT place for me. Hiked to the top of the Marin Headlands to capture the serenity up close..Where the ocean meets the horizon..There is nothing in the world like NorCal!

FULL LOOK coming soon!

xo Jade


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