08 March 2010


Hey bloggers,

So i've decided to try this out. I've always loved documenting the style and creativity I come in contact with on a daily basis in the fashion world!


I recently purchased an amazing pair of boots from a little boutique. They were marked down from a ridiculous price and I just couldn't take my eyes off of them!

Jeffrey Campbell boots (Limited Edition)

I absolutely love the open toe and the tightly laced, victorian like detailing from the toe all the way up the collar. They are really comfortable and photograph well!

-Ralph Lauren velvet blazer
-Alexander Wang sheer top
-H&M pebble fishnets over pink & black dyed Costume Dept. tights.
-Jeffrey Campbell black open toe boots
-Necklace (Vintage)

Fashion week is coming to an end in the city of romance, and the fall 2010 collections have been absolutely amazing.

Paris Fashion Week- A/W 2010 Highlights & Picks:


Another amazing season to one of my all time favorite fashion houses! Givenchy always seems to bring that edge that some can try and imitate but will never replace. I love the metallic hues mixed with the rich velvets. And the lace up booties are to die for!!

Karl Lagerfeld:
I loved the futuristic chic Parisian woman feel that was all over the runway. The hair and makeup was very Prada-esque but had a great aesthetic about it. I absolutely love those boots. And all the patent leather- MMMMMAZING!


The color blocking palettes at Balenciaga were absolutely amazing. They fell down on my list for a few seasons, but are definitely back up top with this collection! I love the geometric heel on the shoes. And the yellow and turquoise hues give me chills!

Gareth Pugh:
Gareth Pugh pulls off fashion goth better then any of the other darker designers out there in my opinion. I love the use of textures and the geometric shape. As edgy as his women's collection is, his androgynous men's pieces are just as amazing. I love the feminine shape with the masculine feel. <3333

Neil Barrett:

I love how wearable his collection is. With a minimalistic approach, and black as the main choice of color, it's easily transformed from day to night wear.


Lanvin is definitely another one of my favorite fashion houses in ready to wear today. This season was memorable. I loved the luxurious edgy woman that he created. Jewelry and fur are always my main focus in their collections. Look at those clogs! (drools)

Martin Grant:

This color palette is so chic! The blue is so rich and pairs beautifully with the choice of fine silks matched with trousers and exotics.

Heider Ackerman:
What possibly can I say other then FIERCE!!?!? I love the sharp cuts in the draping and the very precise tailoring. It really does wonders for the collection. I definitely need one of these leather pieces on my wishlist!

Ann Demeulemeester:

This redefines the fabulous working females in the world. From very sleek business suits, to detailed coats with ropes paired with sky high wedges, to the dark feather embossed trenches. So good. She has quickly became one of my favorite designers.

Viktor & Rolf:

I always live for the out there creations from Viktor & Rolf. The dramatic detail is more interpreted to me as art rather then fashion. I love the exotic fur and the black booties. It really ties together to create a worship worth ready to wear look. Great presentation this season! I love these boys!

and last but not least on my list..

Andrew Gn:

(all runway looks credited to style.com)

I loved the polished bad girl looks at Andrew Gn. The collection flowed very well with a mixture of overcoats, tiny frocks, and floor length gowns. I love the buckles on the belts, and those boots are killer! I guess it's cause their timeless.

Those are my main favorites from Paris, now it's time to focus on actual homework and then head to my dreams. Photoshoot coming back soon and upcoming projects in the making! :] 



  1. I almost died when I saw the Balenciaga section, the bright colors, with gray tones, Viktor & Rolfs' second picture-wow. EPIC. Not to mention every piece in Pugh..

    Keep up the good work Jared, love!

  2. Well hello Viktor & Rolf. Yes, have to agree with you..Love art on the runway...McQueen, Manish Arora....its insane.