25 April 2010


I recently visited the Arboretum with a close friend and my mom while I was visiting Texas a few weeks ago. We were told it was the best time of the whole entire year to see everything in full bloom. Boy, was I in for surprise. Sooooooo amazing! I cant believe the how vibrant all the colors are and how they quickly come to life when seeing them in person!

( XXI Jumpsuit, Dolce Vita lace up sandals, Vintage ray bans & jewelry + mom + old best friends :] )

I can't believe how huge these koi fish are! Ridiculous I tell you!

"Poetry Gardens"..enough said

I was really fond of this tree! When I saw it, I couldn't take my eyes off it. Perfect color and texture. Just budding from the beautiful ground below. There was an aura about it that was very calm and comforting. I had to take a photo with my love tree!

Our furry little friend we met along the way

I've always been a fan of nature and trees and flowers *all the fuzzy things in life >.<*. Botany was always something I was interested in and I remember being a child and my parents spending countless hours in the front yard perfecting it to a tee for their own satisfaction as well as the local "yard of the month contest". Such a prestigious honor when you have children and hit that mid to late 30's period of your life. Meanwhile, I laid around the back yard picking honey blossoms from our tree and continued to eat them. I really love to appreciate the small things in life that may not always come to mind when thought up, but always bring a smile to your face. Spring is the birth of the rest of the year! Better make it a good one!


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