21 April 2011

All about the stripes

So I got this AMAZING piece at Beacon's Closet last week. It was one of those trips where you are quickly losing your patience and are about to give up..and then LOW & BEHOLD...you find the gold!

This particular gold was a beautiful knitted Kenzo blazer with these rich stripes of black on chocolate. So amazing. The texture of the jacket is so soft! When I was checking out I noticed it said it was a 2 piece set, so I tried to get it repriced and then the woman refused because she said it was just consigned the other day and there was a MATCHING skirt. So I went on a hunt for it and finally found it! 

It's an amazing knitted, bandage like pencil skirt with thinner stripes of the same pattern. I haven't figured out how to wear it to make it less femme or what i'm gonna do with it yet. But none the less, it was a FABULOUS find! 

(Wearing: Kenzo blazer, Wolford tights, Cole Haan shoes, Posso ankle spats, Vintage spiked neck collar and sunglasses)

My next question is...Who the hell would give up a Kenzo Paris original suit anyways!? God, you must have a wardrobe to DIE for..


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