29 April 2011


Lately, i've been searching for my favorite inspirations that I will use as a base point for my summer wardrobe, AND I KEEP COMING BACK TO ALL THESE AMAZING 90's ACCESSORIES. Mostly Chanel, and mostly because of the Lil Kim videos from the 90's that I was raised on. They're pretty amazing. She always had the best sunglasses and accessories. It was funny how a woman with such a "bad bitch" attitude could look so incredibly amazing, while embodying everything that was CHANEL.

(Crush on you by Lil Kim)

(Get Money by Notorious BIG)

and for being such a fan, Uncle Karl repaid the baddest bitch with a new bag that was meant to be hers with a ridiculous price..

Some of my favorite Chanel accessories:

and some of my favorite ad's from that era :)

So amazing! I've always been such a huge fan of the Parisian label. They always made a woman look so glamorous, for a definite price! XD

I cant wait to see what I end up pairing together. But the weather is always a definite deal breaker in certain situations. But i'll definitely be documenting the whole time i'm gone. I'm packing as we speak for 3 months, and it's still IMPOSSIBLE. I leave in the morning for Dallas. Cant wait to see my family and friends!

Bon Voyage, New York!
I'll see you in August!


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