24 May 2013

Friday Frills

(Wearing: Eyglo blouse + DSTM skort + Fathom and Form rings + YVY collar + Ray Ban sunglasses + Zara boots)

 Another day, another look, another amazing piece by Dont Shoot the Messengers. If you've been keeping up with this blog for awhile, i'm sure you've noticed the amount of leg I show. It's my favorite asset so I definitely like to use it to my advantage when the weather deems possible (IMPOSSIBLE NY elements). I used to own nothing but pants, but after one major purchase, I slowly began my unhealthy hoarding obsession of scantily clad bottoms - mostly skirts in everything from lace to leather. 

Now, more about this look... I've slowly started to fall in love with this brand, especially for the current season! They're eye for cuts and shapes are simply amazing! I'd say they are experts at giving their garments a sense of fluidity (which makes for a beautiful silhouette). I paired it with a silk Eyglo blouse & Fathom and Form silver rings. Also added in a YVY leather collar last minute to give this look that extra frill for my evening plans! 

Simplicity wins again..



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    1. the top is so comfy!!! I'm all about dressing fabulous within comfort these days!