16 May 2013

Ravin' at the House of Versace

Photos via Elle

These were some of the highlights from the punky, club kiddish J.W. Anderson x Versus Versace collection that launched last night here in NYC! This wasn't a collaboration I was expecting, but ever since the haus revealed a month ago about it's existence...I was SO READY. 

As per usual, JW delivers with all his design duos. It was bold and in your face (which was a breath of fresh air)Donatella confesses to making fashion fun again! Imagine taking a time warp to some dingy London warehouse rave in the early 90's because thats where this goes - she emphasized on bare midriffs, slashed cut-out dresses, loud electric hues, androgynous unisex details, and eclectic rebellious branding to match her new fashionable prodigy.

(en route wearing Zana Bayne harness/layered belt, Versace bra top, spiked hat, & tight braids)

I was at the after party at Lexington Avenue Armory taking in all the amazingness that was unfolding in front of me. Live installations featuring the latest looks, LIVE STREAMING for the virtual Versace world, high energy performances from Grimes, Angel Haze, and Dead Sara, and many familiar NYC personalities and high fashion gaunts trolling around to the beat of the new Versace vision! Can't wait to see how this pans out!


Is JW the new Gianni? Like Alexander Wang the new Cristobal? Like Raf Simons the new Galliano?

We'll wait and see!


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