18 July 2013

Empty Alleys

 (Wearing: FLAMINGO VINTAGE leather top, belt, & bag + Zara pants &pumps + Ray Ban shades)

Since i've returned to California, i've fallen back into a vintage spell. It's all i'm buying lately..But looking for new finds to add to my meticulous collection isn't as easy as it looks. When buying older pieces. I focus on detail, quality, and condition. Look no further then Flamingo Vintage in downtown LA. The lovely boutique is located within the other many shops on the 6th street stretch and is unlike all the other overstocked hole in the walls around town. With vintage at it's all popular high, i'm finding it all to look the same these days when a new store opens. It's just the same refabricated concept over and over. Thats why I find the shop girl, Candice, to be incredibly refreshing with her concise selection of items from the 1930's-1980's ranging from clothing, accessories, kitchenwares, and furniture. All labeled pieces in my outfit posts will be available at the store. 

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Follow updates on shop here:
instagram @flamingovintage

Open Tuesday-Sunday 12-7pm
548 S. Spring St #113 (entrance on 6th st) 


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