25 October 2013

Change of Season

( Zara sweater, AA skirt, Alexander Wang bag, Massimo Dutti boots, H&M Paris hat)

It's finally chilly enough in NY to break out the cozy knits and start layering again. Fall is a beautiful time in the city. Walks through Central Park, the changing of colors, everything pumpkin flavored, and I finally get to break out my amazing coat collection! I will always long for the days of mini skirts and sheer tops.. and those are definitely over -but I couldn't let go just yet. I'll be sure to commit to a skirt til my legs freeze off. 

Enough said! While mixing pieces from different seasons, I stuck with simple black accessories and the biggest sweater I could find in my closet. This is a very basic look for me in comparison to my usual form of dressing, but there is something unexplainable about it that I just love. I'm currently packing for my next adventure to LA & SF. I leave in the morning and I can't wait to kiss the California sun again. Its only been 3 months - but thats far too long for me. 


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