19 May 2010


Last Thursday I attended the annual Paper Magazine "Beautiful People Issue" party. It was held at the Standard Hotel in Hollywood. I was surprised at the amount of people that turned out. A few eye candies but mostly just fashion followers, makers, a few key celebs, and lots of insiders. H&M sponsored the event and held a nice little pre evening party. Also went to the VIP darkside lounge upstairs where I met Lady Tigra, i'm totally obsessed with her! I loved it! Here's some photos of the event and what I chose to wear:

Vintage Motorcycle Jacket, Howl Tank Top, Miu Miu fitted cargo pants, We Who See suede wedges, Posso turquoise ankle spats and matching cuff, NARS makeup

Front View

Bottom View

Held in the pool lounge @ The Standard

Another picture from the party

There were a lot of cool people to meet there and plenty of connections to be made! Thats why I love Hollywood, the potentials can be endless if you have the drive and are in the right place to make a move.

Met the editor of LA Weekly and was featured in last Friday's issue with a few friends

With an old friend/stylist Shawn Cisneros! Featured on Guestofaguest.com

Afterwards we went to another continued party at Drai's Rooftop at the new W Hollywood hotel.

@ Cabana 1800 inside Drai's with Keyla!

We also went to MyHouse that night to see our good friends ML & V from Posso spin, and then went to see more friends at Fubar! It was nice to have a full fledged night out since i've been a bit of a homebody lately!

My little group of my very close friends I was with all night! 

and last but not least seeing Magdalena @ Fubar..

I've been really wrapped up with the late 80's/early 90's campaigns of Gianni Versace lately. I'm really triggering a 90's inspired feel for summer this year. I'm loving acid wash, denim, shoulder pads, and lots of print and colors. I really wish Gianni was still creating, he really was the voice of that label. I praise his contribution to the fashion world..

S/S 1994 ad

I love how he wasn't afraid to use color and print in most of his designs. I myself am not one to ever be simple. I always like color and print in what i'm wearing. It's just the way i've always been.

Ad featuring Linda Evangelista

late 1980's campaign. I'm loving statement hats right now as well, I just bought an amazing hat down in the fashion district of LA. So simple and chic for summer. It's all black with a huge bill. I'm glad i'll have something to keep the constant California sun out of my eyes this summer.

That's all for now! Just finished a 2 day shoot with Ryan Burke and am so excited to get the final edits back! I really enjoyed the shoot. It took place in a historical building in the Old Bank District of downtown! Until next time..

Ciao! xo

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