24 June 2010


Leave it to some of my favorite designers to create a new resort collection thats impeccable in taste, and completely wearable. So happy to be a part of a generation where fashion is finally breaking folds and becoming an untouchable icon in history. So without further adeu...


I love the sheer tulle, this reminds me of a modern version of mourning gown from the 1800's that women would where during their widowing process of losing a loved one.

When is the last time you've seen Givenchy put 5'11 muses in flat shoes? You're used to the usual 6 and 1/2 towering wedges, but i'm loving the new approach

Red is really hot this season, and a personal favorite in my book at the moment. So of course, I was loving this completely red outfit

The tailoring is absolutely amazing on the jacket. It's fitted perfectly and the silhouette creates a vision for the designers aesthetic.


I was so happy to hear previously that Haider Ackerman was finally starting a men's collection. I drool for his leather pieces for women and couldn't wait for a taste of exposure for men..

My first thought was it was very Gucci-esque with the velvet loafers and robe like attire, but then when I looked closer, it's definitely a step up from that and very much it's own. I love men who are dressed well. Whoever said fashion was just a women's hobby was clearly out of touch with reality

These pants are so bollywood, but with the matching jackets pictured in another look, i'm all up for print!

Goddess like flowy gowns


I personally have always been a fan of Versace. I've been following since way before Donatella. Back in the early 90's days of the late Gianni. I always hear, "It's so Italian and flashy.." Well I guess that is what their known for, but there is more then just one style of fashion out there. I love their use of color and props. One tip to you guys: COLOR IS YOUR FRIEND. I live for it. Some days I may come out looking like a fashion rainbow brite doll, but at least I feel amazing!

I love this hue, it's soooooooooo gorgeous. It reminds me of lilac lilies blooming in the spring on the dawn of easter.


I love the utilitarian post military jacket in a mustard yellow, with a matching pillbox bag and sky high heels. Sign me up!

Minimal, but the color is great!

and always at least one black look!


Loved this collection, the only piece that didn't make sense to me was the absolutely amazing leather and exotic bags paired with such basic shoes from thong sandals to horrible FUGlike boots..hmm

SAVING THE BEST FOR LIFE, not going to compare, these deserve the silence. TRUE VISIONARIES. 



Balenciaga never ceases to amaze me! So beautiful. I love his mix of prints and textures. I always have this strange fashionable, futuristic, "fifth element-esque" idea popping in my head when I view the house's collection. Nicolas Ghesquiere could dress me for the rest of my life. I swear I wouldn't complain.. :)

and last but not least.. (ps: my favorite for the season, even though it's a pre-collection)


Is it just me, or is the blonde choppy wigs with geometric black sunglasses channeling the new look for the Madonna video, "Celebration"?

Either way...
Can you say amazing!?!?!?!?!??! What I love so much about Alber Elbaz designing for Lanvin is he isn't afraid to mix prints, colors, and textures all in one and still makes the every day silhouette of a woman timeless, while at the same time maintaining a cohesive collection. I advise everyone to take a look at the whole collection on your own time. Truly beautiful. 

(credits: Style.com for all runways photos)

Until next time!

Ciao xx

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