25 June 2010


During this part of the year, the seasons run on a faster pace then usual. The shows quickly go from resort, straight into menswear. Menswear has never been my specific forte because of the constant reconstruction of the suit and nothing that ever just wows me. I've really been interested in more designers breaking the unwritten rules of fashion and showing men in an androgynous way. Here is some of the looks i'm loving from the new season.

Yves Saint Laurent:


Jil Sander:

Jean Paul Gaultier:

Yves Saint Laurent: The prim and proper with minimal prints and clean cut boys really came out on top for me. I love the military hats paired with suits. They reminded me of pictures I saw from a V-Day celebration in the late 40's where the soldiers returned to the states to meet their wives and capture that one picture perfect moment when they see each other again for the first time.

Versace: It was very 80's punk/goth with a cleaner appeal. I really loved the suits paired with black and white creepers, the mesh detail, and abstract prints used on the robes/suits.

Jil Sander: I absolutely love the array of hues they used for pastels. Absolutely amazing with all the contrast! and the little additions of geometric print and floral detail really made the collection pop.

Jean Paul Gaultier: This is one of my more memorable favorites from previous to present collections from JPG. There were so many different looks shown, but I was loving every bit of it. From the leather almost bondage like suits, to the splattered paint on the pants and shoes. But my favorite had to be the open toed sneakers which kind of reminds me of a pair of Raf Simons x Dr Martens pair i've shown previously..and OF COURSE the final looks in swimwear with all the space/galaxy type prints and the models wearing 3-D glasses. I love that the actual prints are 3-D, pretty amazing. I need these looks PRONTO. 

and just a little loving to the woman I worship! TEAM ADR- for all the non fashion junkies, Anna Dello Russo and her posse all clad in the Prada chandelier shoes for the menswear shows in Milan!

Part Deux will be up ASAP! 

Ciao! xx

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