26 July 2010


Sorry for the delayed update, I've been crazy traveling the last few weeks and been in the bouts of fixing my computer. Anyways, things have been great lately!

I returned to Los Angeles two weeks ago and immediately styled and fitted all the models in my good friends label, Howl's, photoshoot for the up and coming collection!

you can shop and check out her website @ www.howlclothing.com

She has great conventional clothing and amazing prints! I live in her samples she gives me! They're amazing! Check her out! :]

I also have been doing fittings the last few weeks for an up and coming shoot I had with another good friends label, Weltenbuerger, in Hollywood. I styled and modeled in the shoot. I absolutely love working with Bryan, he's such an inspirational voice and fashion and completely supports everything I do! It went amazing! There will definitely be photos to come from both of the shoots! I cant wait to see the prints!

Check out his selection @ www.weltenbuerger.org

He has an amazing stock of hand picked vintage from today and in the past! I absolutely love his eye for style and textures! He's not afraid to be out there!!!

in other news,

I'm completely dying over the new Maison Martin Margiela Haute Couture 2010 collection they showed in Paris about a week ago! The snakeskin prints, stacked cowboy silhouettes, and different textures really did it for me! I want all of it NOWWWWWW. Here's a little viewing pleasure..


Thats about it for now, i'm up late editing photos!

Until next time!

Ciao xxx

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