12 January 2012

A touch of Jade

 (Photo via AWayToDress)

(Wearing: HM sweater, Whyred jeans, BR boots, Fresh stole, vintage vest)

I was on the phone outside my work the other day when a lovely street style photog, Steffen Hedlund, came up and snapped a few photos of my outfit. I must say, it's always refreshing (even when you devote your entire life to fashion and trends) when someone takes time out of their day to come up and tell you they love what you're wearing. Unfortunately, I was in the middle of an important phone conversation so I tried to give a look while multi-tasking. End result? I think my pout came out a little angry, but I'm still loving my all black ensemble w/ a touch of color from the jewel toned fur stole.<--She has quickly became my BFF. And transitions so well from day to night..I've recently been throwing it on over everything. Not to mention it looks like crushed velvet in the sun. *melts*



  1. Thanks very much for your post. I must return the compliment

  2. Aw thanks for the photo Steffen! We should definitely collaborate in the future! Enjoy the city! xx