03 March 2012

Historical Musings at Norisol Ferrari Presentation

Norisol Ferrari showed her latest collection on the second to last day at the tents. I almost missed it due to a wardrobe malfunction/train stall on the way to Lincoln Center. So glad I made it 10 minutes before. Just enough time to collectively photograph as I went through each look, one by one. She dresses for a bold woman, which is so refreshing. You see enough of the frilly mumbo jumbo with all the feminine designers all week long (over half that actually show at tents), it was nice to bring a little edge to the table, while taking you on a time traveling experience through several generations of fashion before us. Her modern interpretations give these timeless eras that sense of wearability to an otherwise outdated form of dressing.. Norisol highlights her pieces with explicit attention to detail, meanwhile carefully executing fantasy like silhouettes you could only dream of in a perfect world. 

Another key factor to this was a collaboration with leather designer/blogger, Zana Bayne, of Garbage Dress (who also has done projects with many other NYFW designers this season and in the past). Very subtle, none the less amazing. Your work compliments each other so well! Can't wait to see more in the future<3


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  1. I love the brown cardigan because the design is so cool! I would love to buy this if I have the money and pair it with my mens jewelry in NYC.