08 March 2012

Marni x H&M meets my closet

(Wearing: head to toe Marni x H&M, Chanel sunglasses, Dr. Marten Darcie boots)

I attended the pre shopping event/party H&M hosted for the launch of their latest designer collab with Marni last night at the flagship store on 5th avenue. I was just as excited for the crazy h'orderves and drinks they were serving as I was for clothes! :) I was especially excited for the release of this line, because it was in my opinion the greatest in line with all the other capsules H&M has worked with when it came down to originality and staying true to the brand's aesthetic. Unfortunately, the jewelry was completely sold out by the time I had arrived 15 MINUTES AFTER it started. And that's what I was really after. I've been a fan of Marni jewelry for years...Crazy people! Luckily enough, we are having our first bout with spring today in the city with a high of 67 degrees! What a perfect day to bust out my brand new gear for spring. One of the first on the streets to be sporting Marni x H&M! :P On to the items, I got this lovely paneled patent leather 1/2 sleeve jacket, along with these flight-suit pants/hood combo (i'll post later), one of the cute cartoon tees + a few complimentary scarves. Never fear, i'm in search of that jewelry this weekend!!! 

Fortunately, I'm headed to Dallas on Saturday evening, so I'm going to try my hardest to luck out at NorthPark Center location after Sunday brunch! Anyone brave the lines this morning? They are know to be ridiculous!

Happy shopping!


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