19 September 2012

Free Bird

(Photos by Lindsay Cozart)

 I spent a magical day in Santa Barbara last week before departing back to NYC. My friends and I have this "traditional" routine we do every time I visit LA which consists of an intense, yet amazingly crammed day of R&R at the beach, sandwiches at Three Pickles, hiking the Santa Ynez mountains, floating in a natural spring drinking cheap champagne, and we must not forget the ALWAYS unforgettable sunset at our secret spot nestled in the foothills. Pretty perfect day if you ask me. The weather couldn't be beat, and we took advantage of the golden sunlight that was cascading upon us all day! When i'm immersed within nature, I highlight the fact that I may possibly understand the feeling Lynard Skynard is describing in "Free Bird".(floating)

On a further note, I had to mention these mysterious trees. I could of sat there looking at their twisted roots for hours. So fascinating the history and physical changes they've seen over time. If only these trees could talk..(I had a Pocahontas moment bonding with "Mother Willow" while I was sitting against the trunk looking out into the pasture.) All I needed was a glass of ice cold lemonade and a book and I'd be set.


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