25 September 2012

Uncharted Territory

(Wearing: Alexander Wang crop top and tunic and thrifted necklace)

I originally just packed a bag full of random mix/matches to go upstate for the day, but instead took camera advantage of these panoramic views up in the mountains. When we were laying out on the shore of this natural pond, I thought this was an ideal backdrop for this outfit. The material is so light and airy, so it molded beautifully against the serene background. For the first time ever, I was wading through foreign waters in high end ready to wear to get the right photo! When I went to Wang's sample sale last season, these two pieces were bunched up in a sale box bin at the very bottom, but once I pulled them out and put them together, it was a dead on match! #fashionfate

I could live in his clothes all day long. 
They are always the satisfaction I expect in my wardrobe.
Now i'm back in NYC, and it's almost time to pull out my fall knits
I'll add more later, i'm off to soho! 


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