10 January 2013

Casting shadows

Photos by Tyler-Simpson Colon

(Wearing: MMM x H&M skirt/pant, Rag & Bone tank top, Zara leather moto, Fresh stole,  Helmut Lang bag, vintage hat and choker)

 I was doing my usual fall clearance shopping at all the majors store in NYC, when I stumbled across the MMM x H&M skirt/pant combo on sale for $10. I know i've done quite a lot of posting about the collection and the looks i've concocted with the pieces, but MMM is such a conceptual artist, even in some of the hard to pull off styles he designed, I see his vision! Thats why it didn't do so well in numbers, mass shoppers don't appreciate art expressed within clothing. It's just a garment, not a work of art to them. Main point---> It was so ridiculous, I had to have them (and imagine the impossible that they were exactly my size), and they fit so perfectly. I immediately changed into them. I love the city slicker chic feel I achieve when I wear them. I could only imagine pairing leather everything with them to give such a polished look a little edge. I'm sure these will be a casual go to for me when I don't feel like getting out of bed, but want to look like i'm trying. 



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