28 January 2013

Silverlake Hills

 Photos by Lindsay Cozart
(Wearing: Zara blazer, bag, & pants, D&G tank, Cobrashop choker, & vintage boots)

Reporting from a cozy little love den nestled in the hills of Silverlake. I've had a hard time breaking out of this shell, so I literally stepped outside to take a few photos. I've been playing with this trouser + top + blazer formula for quite some time now! I've completely mastered the modern guide to business chic. Keeping clean lines and simplicity for the outfit and then wearing really interesting accessories for a little POP. It's more attention grabbing with out actually screaming for attention! But who needs formulas, when it's so easy to get ready for the day in LA? The weather is PERFECT, and even on the gloomiest of days, you can still strut down the street lookin' like a million bucks! <--- p="" this="" try="">
You'll thank me later!


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