31 January 2013

City of Lights 2.0

Photos by Lindsay Cozart
(Wearing: Helmut Lang reversible coat, Zara pumps)

Like I had mentioned in the last post, I picked up this sweet little number on a random stroke of luck buy at the Buffalo Exchange my buyer friend works at. Pretty good steal for $50! Mint condition...and it's REVERSIBLE! It has two different feels, one very edgy, but classic black side, and a more demure softer appeal when flipped onto the cream side. The geometric patterns feel very art-deco'ish, no? The silhouette is such a nice shape, I decided to reconsider not pairing it with anything else, and keep the main focus on the coat. So I just threw on my new ankle strapped obsessions and called it a day. And the turn out was positive! Simplicity is a nice change for the moment. I feel like such a glitterati in LA, verses my dark, to the point all black looks I pull in NY. You definitely see a softer side to my style efforts when i'm on the West coast. 

Location: If you're ever in LA, you should definitely check out the row of lights at LACMA. I always feel like Paris when I come here. It's so perfect at 2am in the dead of night. One of the more surreal moments in my life. 


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