18 June 2013

Lonely Pond

(Wearing: Zara blazer + J Perse tank + Insight shorts + Posso spats + Prada collar as belt + vintage hat)

Looks have been so simple lately due to the perfect summer settings the last week or so in LA. I'm relying heavily on accessories to spice up my "more minimalist then usual" current style. Instead of buying new things, i'm falling back in love with past pieces in my closet. Randomly found this gem of a collar from Prada at a secondhand store in the city the SEASON after it showed for maybe $12 a few years back. I asked the man more then once if that was the right price, I think he may of actually thought he'd went too high, when in reality it was a major steal! I dont wear it much but decided to put some use to it while i'm vacationing, along with my spats from 2008! I try and completely reorganize my closet a few times a year so I can remember everything I have!

**Works like a charm when i'm getting bored with my wardrobe.



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    1. aw so sweet! thanks for keeping the world full of color! cheers.. xx