14 June 2013

Space 1520

 (Wearing: OAK torque, Eugenia Kim hat, H&M bag, JC boots, vintage shorts, vest, & necklace)

LA is all about conventional dressing. If you love fashion as much as I do, you tend to have conflicts over wearability. Day wear vs night wear. Street wear vs floating art. It tends to all run together after awhile, and you find some happy medium that comes out looking like this. But don't worry, it translates just fine. When in California, all must own a great pair of boots. These are from quite a few years ago (one of my first pairs of Jeffrey Campbells, from my young fashion days). Honestly, I'm not a huge collector of his, but these have stood tall through many shoe break in's and wear out's and still manage to look amazing! I love the height and the overall disheveled edge given to a traditonal Victorian classic. Added in a striped top & leather shorts and i'm out the door for another day. Spent the afternoon shopping around Space 1520 in Hollywood and had a nice lunch on the rooftop at the London Hotel. Slowly but surely getting reacquainted with  the West Coast...once again!

Always remember:
Half the part of looking good, is feeling good.