05 June 2013

Perfect Raincoat, Stormy Spring

 (Wearing: Alexander Wang jacket, bag, & trousers + H&M top + Zana Bayne harness + MM6 belt + Ray Ban sunglasses)

Last week, I attended one of my favorite pre kick off to summer party collectives of the season, POP SOUK. If you're not in NY, it's a downtown based artist based shopping experience including all the major fixtures of the nightlife scene from designers, to milliners, to artists, to just amazing vintage resellers. It's always an amazing turn out, and a crazy rain storm proved it didn't stop anyone this year as well! I trekked through the streets and could only manage to snap a few photos of what I wore - the wind was getting unbearable! I paired my FAVORITE Wang jacket with his signature trousers. I can't go anywhere in this top without someone stopping me commenting on my accessory from Star Trek. I love the big buttons and cape-ish silhouette. It's perfect for rainy, muggy days here when a full length trench is just TOO much of a commitment..

Luckily, I was able to escape the constant moody weather in the big city for a month in sunny California! After a ridiculous chain of events involving my flight out of JFK and several cancellations, I finally made it to LA on Sunday morning and i've been doing EVERYTHING I love the last couple of days. Juicing every morning, hiking, beaching, and of course..shopping! 

***Be prepared for my abundance of tropical posts that i'll be blogging all month long!



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