15 August 2013

From the city that never sleeps, all the way to here

Wearing: Virgo mesh top + Silence/ Noise shorts + Brandy Melville crop + Zara shoes

Hat's off to the sportier side of my style, but i'm missing New York like you wouldn't believe at the moment (*hince pointing out the obvious with my look). I love my Texas born and raised roots, but i'm ready to high tail it back to the big city! I crave that constant NYC chaos in my life again. It's all too familiar of a feeling to be so far away. 3 months elsewhere feels like 10 years in most metropolitans. I'll be arriving on the eve of September, just in time to toast to a successful and fabulous fashion week thats to come. 

Anyways, back to what I'm wearing..I just recently picked up this barely there mesh crop top from Virgo in DTLA while I was out West, and scored these awesome shorts a week later sale shopping in Dallas. The print is great, and I love the leather trim and zipper fly. It makes the shorts 10x more luxurious to slip into. I've been on the hunt for a great addition to my bottom half in recent months, so i'm definitely gonna get my wear out of these before summer comes to an end. When it came to shooting this, i'm not sure if you've noticed...but i've been fiddling a lot lately with older style cameras and finding that I actually love manuals. The quality of the film is so much more vivid and detailed and it almost manages to envision a story, without actually telling one. Technology is pretty irrelevant when it comes to the physical attributes film possesses. 


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