13 August 2013

Ray of White Light

 Wearing: Sparkle & Fade dress + Zana Bayne harness (similar here) + Ray Ban sunglasses

I'll never get enough of the scenic backdrops Texas has to offer. From rolling hills, to rocky canyons, to massive rich green fields that seem like they end where the sun meets the horizon. It makes coming home a treat for the soul when I need a little personal space from being in the city for too long. The weather has been blazing hot down South, so layers aren't really an option. So, over the last few weeks since i've arrived, I've just been opting for simple outfits that need a little accessorizing - insert simple day dresses, playsuits, or the tiniest of crop tops with my favorite distressed denim (which are each individually perfect for summer's all night affairs)! This little white number is very reminiscent of Alexander Wang's monochromatic cut-outs from his SS13 collection. I gave the look a little edge with my favorite harness from NYC' It Girl Zana of Garbage Dress.. the play on play of textures gives my Tuesday a little more excitement. 

Also, I must add, i've never had so much fun with a dress, I can't help but laugh every time I walk down the street - swishing my bottom half back and forth due to the extreme amount of pleating!


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