18 November 2010


I thought it would be funny to record John & I as we trek across the country to NYC. We left horribly early in the morning to catch our flight, and I was feeling gross from the inside out, but I didn't seem to look THAT bad.

Giving ourselves one last goodbye to Dallas/Fort Worth on our little adventure east, and off we go!

We had a tiny pitstop in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was quite a culture shock to me being as that I was apparently the most interesting person to look at in the entire airport, and I was having a fashion OFF day. :) I would love to see the look on their faces if I was fiercing it up like my usual self! They wouldn't know what to do!

I must say..The north east part of the country is so charming during this time of year. The leaves are changing colors and the foliage is amazing! I want some of these shades for my wardrobe!

(BCBG Max Azria leggings, American Apparel black t-shirt, Vintage plaid button up, W leather jacket, Peter Grimm fedora, Barney's Co-Op scarf, Ray Ban sunglasses, Vintage jewelry, Zara boots)

I was intrigued by this statue and had to take a photo of it. She reminds me of a modern day Athena from Greek mythology..

Greetings from NYC from John & I! <3

Ciao! xx

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