29 November 2010


I've recently started a new series on my blog featuring a few different contributors to the industry.. (fashionable lives of riot girls, it boys, and up and coming designer talent/boutiques)

Here's a tip you should definitely take note of!


It's nestled in a chic neighborhood full of boutiques, restaurants, and many other notable stores. But owner Travis Wayne is taking the area by storm with his tiny niche in the city. From high end labels, to very small, innovative designers for both womens & menswear...his store offers it all!

I had a chance to do an interview with him about his little slice of heaven and take a few pictures of the merchandise. I have to take a look at everything because it ranges from simple basics to one of a kind pieces that really make a statement!

Q1: When did you start Convent Shop? Did it start out as an online store? 

 We opened Convent in April of the year.  The LES store and www.conventnyc.com opened the exact same hour.

Q2: What is your direction and future plans for the boutique in terms of fashion/presentation?  

I aim to keep the shop progressive and innovative while sticking to a very music-centered aesthetic and style.  The color palette and style may change, but Convent will always have a dark, downtown vibe.

Q3: Does your selection of brands reflect your personal style? 

Definitely. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Q4: What are you currently wearing?  

My style changes daily, but I am currently wearing a lot of Nakkna, the twentyten, God's Prey and some vintage accessories.

Q5: What is your favorite brand at the moment?  

Don't Shoot The Messengers, from Berlin. Jen Gilpin and Kyle Callanan are an amazing design duo that makes high quality, structural innovative and affordable pieces.

Q6: Do you see yourself staying local or possibly opening up another Convent in upcoming months/years? 

I hope to! We are getting ready to do another pop-up store in Stockholm for FW11 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week by Berns. Other pop-ups are certainly on the horizon!

While I was in the store, I also had a chance to put together a few looks with Travis to give you an idea of the kind of pieces you can find in the shop..

This was hands down my favorite single piece in the store. The texture of the panels on the trench are amazing! You could easily transform this from a day to night look. So wearable. So timeless. So AMAZING.

With more projects and upcoming underground designers in the works for this boutique, I can only expect to see great things from Trav in the future! If you're ever in NYC. Definitely drop by, you wont be disappointed! :)

179 Stanton St
New York, NY 10002
(212) 673-0233

Ciao! xx

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