09 November 2010


I've been looking for a great signature bag to buy for this upcoming winter season. Granted I wont be purchasing it till around Christmas, it'll be a week late belated 21st birthday present to myself. :) I'm usually all about vintage and antique bags...so if I buy one brand new, it has to look like it was made for me!

I've narrowed it down to these two pieces. They are very different from each other, but each exudes their own unique character. It's just time to decide which one is a better fit for me. If it's a draw, then one will come before the other, and i'll eventually get both! I've seen them both on the Barney's New York main floor and they're even more unimaginable in person. I had what I call a "fashiongasm" while I was in store. 

Lets break it down... 
"fash-ion-gasm"[fash-uhn-gaz-uhm] noun:

1. the physical and emotional sensation experienced at the peak of sexual excitation, usually resulting from stimulation of out of this world, luxurious, and fabulous fashions including bags, shoes, clothing, accessories, etc. (keyword: BARNEYS)

2. intense or unrestrained excitement due to shopping.

GENERAL WARNING: Don't worry if you are experiencing these issues, for it is completely normal and natural event for a visual artist or a shopaholic to witness first hand. It's best to let it happen, and cease the excitement to the cash register! ;)

Enough with couture definitions, on to the prize...

Designer: Proenza Schouler 
Bag: Limited Edition Medium Colombian Mochilla PS1 Shoulder Bag
Bag Type: Messenger
Color: Turquoise/Black in print
Price: $1,825.00


Designer: Givenchy
Bag: Large Leather Antigona Duffle 
Bag Type: Tote/Duffle
Color: Red
Price: $2,330.00

As much as I appreciate the new collections every season, my personal style reflects mostly restored antique clothing or recycled designer vintage..this allows me to be draped in YSL at a budget I can manage. But one item I will always consider splurging on is a new bag. It's a key essential to your daily wardrobe and a must have everywhere you go. So it might as well look fabulous!


PS1 Bag- I absolutely love the print and the color. It was the first idea that popped into my head when I saw it up close. The hue is so vibrant and looks very sharp with the leather outlining. It's got plenty of specialized pockets and places to cram daily belongings. The only con to this bag is they don't make it in the large PS1 version, so i'm questioning the size. Everyone who knows me will vouch when saying I'd stand up Mary Poppins when it comes to pulling magic and randomness out of my bag on an everyday basis. So I might possibly need more space.

Givenchy Bag- The shape of the bag is my favorite part. It's a subtle and soft silhouette with an edgy appeal that Givenchy brings into every bag. The color screams my name. Especially since RED is my color palette for F/W 2010, and i'm digging the matching trend, though i've been doing it for quite a while. The pro's above the PS1 are it's larger in size (which is necessary for myself) and also made of leather which would be easier to take care of..The only con I can think of is that it's such a recognizable and unique colored bag, I'm afraid I could wear it out a little too quickly vs the mismatching of prints with the PS1 bag which could go with an endless amount of hautefits and look daringly chic every time.

What do you think? 

Ciao xx


  1. The Givenchy is to.die.for.

    I've been reading your blog for a while now, and I have to say I love how openly you live your life. It's an inspiration and I truly view the world vicariously through you.

    Good luck with your new adventures in a new city.

  2. @Kaci! Thanks so much, i'm glad to hear you like it! Stay tuned for future endeavors! :)