20 January 2011

Je veux être une fille chic

If the beautiful gowns and pin thin perfect models didn't give it away, i'll clue you in! 

This is the new Lanvin Spring 2011 ad campaign that recently surfaced! I've always been a huge fan of Alber Elbaz for his flawless, one of a kind pieces...And couturier skills that have taken this once small based fashion designer to the top of the game in the industry. Pairing picturesque silhouettes with some of the most sought after girls on the catwalk has worked in his favor once again! 

I love the whole concept of the ad. The art deco furniture. The extravagant furs. The very simple, but opulent architecture (which is an ode to the 70's disco era if you ask me), and girls looking like they're leaving a wild night of debauchery at the famed Studio 54. Lets not forget to mention the wild bitch fest taking place between top models Iselin Steiro and Kinga Rajzak. 

I wonder what's next for Elbaz at the fashion house of Lanvin? Hopefully another amazing collaboration with a mass marketed fashion line..The H&M duo was pretty hard to touch by any standards. The pieces looked like gems in a museum compared to all the piles of generic clothing spilled out all over the rest of the store. But one can definitely dream of such a thing..

Only the future will tell!!!

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