07 January 2011

Rock & Roll Circus hits the big city!

I had heard about this event a few weeks ago and was so excited for it to come to NY! Rock & Roll Circus is a traveling live music show inside a big top with all the fire, freaks, & geeks to go along with it!  It was held at Lincoln Center earlier this week and I had the chance to go with some friends of mine..

 There was plenty of food, fashion, & Belvedere sponsored drinks to go around! Not to mention plenty of noteworthy people frolicking through the tents as well...aka (The MisShapes, Sky Ferreira, up and coming artist, LUXE, and many more faces) Going behind the scenes of these events is always my favorite part of attending because you see all the chaos ensuing in the background..It may look glamorous, but the life of a carnie isn't easy!

I must say, I loved the set up they had inside the performance tents...It was reminiscent of Pee Wee's playhouse back in the day! I would love to fly down that slide and jump into a set

This was during the first band's performance..The light sequence was amusing as well! All the fog and set up really added to the mood of the show! The idea of Rock & Roll meeting Barnum &; Baileys is okay with me! 

The famed drag star Acid Betty was our ringmaster for the night on and off stage! :) I love this outfit and the eye adornment! So over the top and fabulous! Tickling my fancy, eh!?

This was the final performance I was able to catch in the big top!

I managed to snap a shot of a fashionable lady in the middle of the after show madness!

All the costumes for the show were made by local funky house favorite New York Couture, here is a photo of Cassie, the designer behind all of it! :)

and then moi with the entire NYC gang! Je ne sais qua ;) Wouldn't you say!!?

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