31 December 2010

NYE 2010 (one and only)

So it's officially New Years Eve, and i'm currently on a flight from Boston to NY. I feel as if there is some silent thought that goes through everyone's mind on this day. Because I've been reflecting on the past year of my life all morning. So many things happen in a year. I mean, it's 365 LONG days, and it goes by so fast..but when you really think about it. it's a lot of time that passes by. There are many things I'm thankful for like my friends, family, and being able to be in the wonderful world of fashion. It's the reason I wake up in the morning, and what I go to bed thinking about. It's a drive and a passion, and i'm so happy to have found that key factor that makes me feel complete in life!

It's been a some good, some great, a little bit of bad, but overall fulfilling year. I'm ready for 2011 and happy to have made it this far in my journey. I'm now 21 years old living in one of the greatest cities in the world and cant wait for the new excitement I'll get to experience within the new year.

As cliche as it sounds, of course i've been thinking about my new year's resolutions..and this year i've got plenty to be wishful for! My thought process works a little bit different then most, and age and time is very precious to me. And I feel like now i'm at the age where time really does make all the difference and I want to know I did everything possible for myself! So if it's the last thing I do, I WILL STICK TO MY RESOLUTIONS THIS YEAR. I'm not making goals I can't keep! Some are funny compared to others, but all important for me personally! :)

First off,

I want to go back to a strict, healthy diet. Back to being a pescatarian. So only fish, along with all the other healthy goodies like fruit and veggies. 

Take my vitamins, every day! I seem to feel a lot more balanced when I take them. So it's a necessity for me.

NO SODA'S. Growing up in Texas, I developed a sweet tooth early on for good ol' fashioned Dr. Pepper, i must break this habit..so i'm not a sugar freak!

I want to attend fashion week in either London, Paris, or Milan rather it's for the A/W 11' shows in a couple of months, or the spring 12' shows in September. Only hard work and time will tell! :)

Take over the fashion industry by storm in 365 days. I feel as if our generation is so technological and full of free thinkers, and our perspective is very vital to the industry!

Want to take off doing freelance styling or working for a great magazine! Rather it's something new, or if I take an internship at Elle Magazine that I talked about doing in the fall! 

Last but not least, I want to start an accessory line. I know this takes work and patience, but I would like to at least get it started in 2011!

Now reflecting back on the past year of my life…there have been plenty of great things to mention:

I started my blog, CRIMES OF FASHION, which is one of my more personal but positive acheivements

Attending LA fashion week for both A/W 10' and Spring 11' collections

Attending my first NY fashion week in September + all the crazy parties that I attended ( Purple party, A Wang Circus party, Pop magazine party, Dirty durty mag party @ Don Hills, ++ more)

Interviewed by StyleLikeU about my personal style

Seeing Anna Dello Russo during fashion week, she's one of my icon's..so it was a MAJOR deal.

Networking and meeting lots of contacts in both LA & NY. 

Moved to NYC to further my career in fashion

Styled a shoot featuring Eli Roth for Blackbook Magazine

Styled Acid Girls music video

Did fitting/lookbooks for both Howl Klothing and Weltenbuerger Vintage

Attended Nylon's Young Hollywood Issue dinner + party with Peaches Geldof

Documented the madness of Coachella 2010 + parties

Traveled all over the east coast for the first time..

Did a bunch of cameo's and filming with Bravo/VH1 for upcoming reality show about my boss Lori Hopkins of Envision Glam

+ more things that have recently came about that cant be mentioned just yet..but will be soon! :)

and last but not least..met a bunch of amazing, inspiring people who I will carry with me into the new year!

I'm hoping this upcoming 2011 will have triple the accomplishments and will really be a good year for not just me, but everyone! I'd also like to thank my readers who have started following my blog and keep coming back for more! I really appreciate all of you! I hope we can meet someday!

Well.. this is starting to get long, and my fingers are starting to cramp! I'll leave it at that!
Everyone have a safe, prosperous, happy NYE. And i'll see you all in the new year!



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