16 December 2010


I figured i'd compose a list of want's for the holiday season. Since my 21st birthday is tomorrow, and Christmas is only 8 days away...I'M ALWAYS THE UNLUCKY ONE WITH A COMBINED PACKAGE DEAL! >.<

But I usually make a short, simple list composed of like 10-12 items because I really focus on getting the good stuff around this time of year! And to add to that, I like to get the items that will last me ALL year till the next stocking stuffer holiday. Granted I know I will never end up with all these amazing pieces, but it's fun to think I might actually end up with them! :) I'll call my letter to santa..

12 days of XXXmas by a fashion fiend:

Alexander Wang Tasha Boots

(Maybe I could walk better if I was 7inches off the ground)

Large Arty brass cuff with Coral detail

(Maybe I'd ALWAYS be safe with my shield of YSL armor)

Zara Knit trouser with cuffs

(Maybe I could be chic on the days when I never wanna get out of sweats in my room)

RAD by Rad Hourani sheer top

(Maybe I could party with Courtney Love in Rad Hourani)

Long, oversized belted dress

(Maybe I could actually stay warm in these NYC extreme cold temperatures with a Zara floorlength)

Hermes Elixir Des Merveilles eau de parfum

(Maybe I would attract people with the scent of Hermes on my wrist)

Chanel J12 quartz watch

(Maybe I would never be late to anything if Chanel always told me the time)

Givenchy Antigoda duffle

(Maybe I would never FORGET anything if I could throw it all in my Givenchy duffle)

Double cage ring with hinge

(No maybes on this want, it's just a need!!!)

Oak exotic leather aviator cap

(Maybe I could join a fashion biker cult if I had an Oak aviator cap)

Sally LaPointe printed neoprene shrug

(Maybe I could start the Star Trek couture revolution in Sally LaPointe)

Chronicles of Never black choroid plexus shades

(Maybe I could stand up Anna Wintour with my new shades of the future)

Carin Wester Melody jacket

(Maybe I could venture to space in Carin Wester)


money for vintage sprees! 

For the price of the above list I could buy two whole franchises full of second hand finds waiting to be worn again! LOL

All my friends know my closet is full of vintage, second hand shop, and treasures from goodwill mixed in with iconic one of a kind pieces!

Let's hope Old Saint Nick is packin' this year!

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