22 December 2010


What can I say? Prada has ALWAYS been one of my favorite household names. It's undyingly chic and statuesque on it's own, not to mention it's KILLER womenswear. Muiccia has been schooling these other designers for quite some time now, and I finally think she's topping it for me...Especially after that SS11 show in  Milan with all the prints and colors. She's too good at winning me over in recent years. I mean don't get me wrong.. I love my dark, edgy brands like Gareth Pugh, Raf Simons, Rick Owens, and the list could go on...but nothing can make a woman look more beautiful then head to toe in the devil herself! ;) 

Sign me up please! And get me those martian-like cat eye glasses in white NOW. I'm pretty obsessed with this entire fancy alien girl with a cone head up do look. Confusing enough?

And what a coincidence that my two favorite ad campaigns she's ever curated are both for the same year! 2011 is going to be fashionable and FABULOUS.

Check out the SS ad campaign! I'd love to be this girl, she's head to toe in haute and droppin' it low! Welcome to my spring wardrobe coming early! :)

Here is the fashion show in Milan from that season! :)

This is basically one of my reoccurring dreams i've been having for years. If you could only imagine the outfits and the set up.

If Prada dressed me like Tupac with an urban flare..i'd look like this! 


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