13 July 2011

Fashitorial #4- Life on Planet Tilda

(Photos via Wmagazine.com)

This is one of my favorite editorials I've seen in quite awhile. Magazines world wide have been stepping up this year in full force for their monthly fashion spreads. And of course W Mag always brings luxury and haute couture to a new level.. With pieces ranging from small NY based designers like Chris Benz, and couture one of a kinds from the likes of Margiela, Rick Owens, and Stella McCartney..this editorial is one you WON'T want to miss. This is a precursor of whats to come in fashion. I've got such a futuristic war lord feel from looking at these photos. Plus, T Swinton is a woman beyond her years when it comes to style & prescense. Who else do you know that would go bald for a shoot? Only Tilda! She's a beautiful being starring in the wake of controversy.

I absolutely LOVE her. 

Editorial: Tilda Swinton - Planet Tilda
Publication: W Magazine, August 2011
Photographer: Tim Walker
Styling: Jacob Kjeldgaard


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