23 July 2011

Remembering Amy

I'm sure you've all heard, but in case you missed the news. The jazzy soul diva, Amy Winehouse was pronounced dead this morning at her home in London. 

Regardless of her inner demons, she had an amazing talent and will be truly missed. I just wish some could seek help before it's too late. But instead of remembering her for what she lacked, i'll always remember that raspy, beautiful voice of hers!

She's a modern blues legend that followed in the footsteps of many other amazing musicians.

Her songs always painted a picture perfect silhouette for me. 
I just think of a simple life back in the days of black & white

Each lyric is completely personal and that's what was so unique about her.

And just like many other icon's like Jimmi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, & Kurt Cobain, she died at the haunting age of 27 from an overdose. 

I'll have the Back to Black album on repeat all day today. 
Especially her acoustic version of "Valarie"

(photos via google)

R.I.P darling. Watch down over us with all the other amazing people up there!
I'll never forget your epic performance I had the pleasure of seeing a few years back..


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