25 December 2012

Christmas in Hollywood

(Wearing: Helmut Lang bag, Massimo Dutti boots, EVERYTHING else thrifted..literally)

Merry Christmas from Valley Village nestled up in the hills over Hollywood! I wouldn't really know if this is considered a real Christmas in context (since it was a beautiful 65 degree day with endless sunshine...and the fact that i'm wearing a sheer top with a kilt.)
 Doesn't seem like the snowy story you would picture, but my alternate location of celebration has been more then delightful this year! I spoke to my parents in Texas and it's snowing! My childhood memories of a white christmas have been replaced by this new element of California's correction of the holiday. I spent the low key day with my close friend and her family who have been so gracious! I can't wait to visit again in a few weeks! I hope everyone enjoys the holidays and remembers to make it count while you've still got years on this fabulous little planet of ours!

Dont waste any time, life is too short for regrets!


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