16 December 2012


(Wearing: Zara 1/2 blazer, Helmut Lang bag & tee, Alexander Wang pants, MD boots, HofH sunglasses & vintage hat)

On my more casual days or when i'm traveling to see family in Texas, it's so much easier to leave the impractical pieces at home and filter my outfits around my black and basics. I've been wearing these wide leg trousers constantly lately because they bring a certain degree of class to my look, even when i'm just wearing a plain gray tee. I picked up this bag last week in NYC at the Helmut Lang sale, where I was having a meltdown deciding  between buying a new pocketbook or random clothes from his previous fall collection. I figured the bag was more applicable to my every day schedule, and I was right. The chain locks and zippers give it a little bit of edge, but the leather is buttery soft and the overall shape is approachable. 

I'm spending a few days home this weekend in Dallas to celebrate my 23rd birthday, and I thought what better way then to waste away in a suite the W Victory Park. I got the sickest balcony with an amazing view of the downtown Dallas skyline. This city is like a neon ball of light at night! So nice, now i'm all rested and hopping on a plane today to LA for my actual birthday tomorrow.

See you on the west coast!
(ques Coconut Records)


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