26 March 2013

Shedding the layers

(Wearing: Alexander Wang crop, Zara skirt & boots, Beirn wallet, HoH x Le Spec sunglasses)

It's finally warming up on the East coast, so I decided to do a second take on a great winter look I pulled during fashion week featuring this skirt/jacket combo minus all the extra layering because it was so cold. Final result? A clean approach on hard lines and defined shapes for spring, but I prefer it this way so much more. It's quick & to the point, but still edgy enough to catch a fashionable eye.

PS: I know these boots have been whored out on this site since the day I bought them. But I can't get over the "cowboy meets the street" shape and style of them that's keeping me coming back for more.

PSS: How this got paired with my Zenon 2020 space look up top is still in question.. :$
Thats the fun part about my personal style, sometimes there just aren't answers.


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