09 April 2013

I'd rather be wearing my 501's

Photos by John Waddington
(Wearing: H&M crop top, Levi's DIY'd shorts, Zara boots, Alexander Wang bag, everything else vintage)

These are some photos I shot today for my entry to become a global style correspondent with the ideal All American brand of youth, Levi's. I was asked to best interpret my favorite look including my trusty 501 denim jeans. I decided to incorporate both elements of DIY & Style (the 2 areas they critique) in to my SS13 interpretation. I bleached, studded, bejeweled, ripped, & added black lace appliqué to the pockets to give it an urban, casual feel. Perfect just to throw on with a black tank and an everyday blazer/jacket- mine being my moto, i'm overly obsessed with (psss, it looks good with everything) and a pair of trusty boots. 

Hello Spring! It was 80 degrees in NY today! Can't wait for it to be this amazing everyday. After 8 months of East Coast winter, this southern belle could use a little SUN.

If you're on LOOKbook.nu, vote for my look here


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