06 April 2013

Next Level

Photos by Puja
(Wearing: H&M jacket, Zara skirt & boots, vintage earrings and crop top)

I'm feeling a little ass backward with choices. As I get older, I tend to take more risks with my fashion choices, instead of being bold and bright within my younger years. I tend to take advantage of my androgynous figure when the weather gets warmer. I'm so in LOVE with this remake of the Prada F/W 13' skirt winged skirt. It's so simple it goes with just about anything, but the overlaying flap gives you that extra umph with every look. Shot these in the studio with one my dear friend, Puja (who i'm sure you've heard about if you check this frequently). Missing LA already. But spring has finally arrived in NYC. 

Sneaking off to the Hamptons for the weekend, for an extended R&R
Back to regular posting next week! ;)


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