15 October 2010


Sorry for the lack in updates, I've been in Miami since Wednesday and the wifi on this island of a state is horrible! But none the less it's been a fabulous little vacation away from home and i'm enjoying the weather and the lush foliage more then ever! The shopping and the food is awesome in this beach side city. I'm making my way over to the Versace mansion this weekend and all of South Beach just to check it off on my invisible bucket list in my brain. Ya know...it kind of baffles me how it's almost November and it's still warm and sunny here on the coast and people flock to the beach on a daily basis! Luckily we just barely missed the crazy hurricane Paula that's been forming off the coast of Cuba over the last few days and have had nothing but sunshine and cool breeze all week. I have even indulged in going for a few swims in the ocean while i've been here.

But I will say i'm starting to hate this whole living out of a suitcase business. I finally return to my home in Los Angeles on Monday after being gone for shortly over 2 months and I seriously can't wait to finally sleep in my bed again and see my garment racks of clothes in my own closet! I took account of the fact that when you travel, your taste in clothing changes as you arrive in each city and you regret not packing those small items that you figured you'd be fine without. I'm having a mid life crisis missing my pieces back in LA. I also find myself leaving things here and there between NYC with my friend Jen and back home with my parents in Texas. I'm making little closets everywhere I go! I wish I had someone to document my outfits while i've been here, it's kind of hard to take photos of yourself! But i'll figure it out before I leave! :)

Greetings from Sunny Isle Beach! I'll miss this little hideaway when I leave! And will definitely be back soon for some sun, surf, and sand...and shopping! haha

Ciao xx 

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