29 October 2010

Daydreams in the Desert!

I recently did a photoshoot for a model's comp card at the Salt Flats in the vast open land in Sunny California!

This is a photo I took right as we arrived. The clouds were trying to break through and it was seriously the most beautiful moment life could capture. So peaceful out here. Just us and nature. The lighting later in the shoot was seriously amazing!

Here's a view at the looks I styled for the shoot from the wardrobe she provided! It's good aesthetic for a stylist to be able to adapt to any set of clothing given to them to use, and it really shows your ability to work in different environments and with what you have and still manage to present a satisfying product! 

And a little behind the scenes.... :)

Location: Salt Flats, Palmdale, CA
Model: Michelle Daniels
Photographer: Leigh Hopkins/Lindsay Cozart
Stylist/Presentation: Jared Allred

I'll leave you with the cloud formations...They were phenomenal right after a thunder storm!

Ciao! xx

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